Helpful Resources

Once bitcoin has caught your attention, finding information about it can be tedious. There is no one stop shop for Bitcoin knowledge. In fact, this information is scattered all over the internet. So, I have put together a list of resources that I have found to be very helpful.

Further reading on Bitcoin

Citadel 21

A great new digital magazine about all things Bitcoin. The magazine displays raw signal within the Bitcoin space. Each issue is a collection of articles written by prominent figures on Bitcoin Twitter alongside some Bitcoin inspired artwork.

Bitcoin Twitter is a community of Bitcoin users interacting on Twitter.


WORDS is a collection of Journals that contain articles about Bitcoin. The core mission of the project is to spread and preserve writings about Bitcoin for future generations.

This site goes into much greater detail about Bitcoin and its features.


Another resource for learning about Bitcoin and becoming more financially sovereign. This website provides an in depth explanation of our current monetary system, it's faults and how Bitcoin can alleviate some of these issues. 


Economics of Bitcoin

Saifedean Ammous

This website belongs to Dr. Saifedean Ammous who is an economist and author of The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking. This book does a fantastic job of explaining the role of money in our economy, the issues we face with our modern banking system, as well as the solutions and possibilities Bitcoin can provide. I would highly recommend this book not just to those wanting to know more about Bitcoin, but to anybody curious about where money comes from and how it works. People tend to get too hung up on the technology of Bitcoin and neglect to realize the macro economic implications it could have.

Technical Resources

CoinBeast Connect

Book an appointment with a live professionals to discuss pretty much anything Bitcoin related.

Bitcoin Whitepaper

This is the original whitepaper for Bitcoin. It was published by the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. In this paper Bitcoin is proposed as a peer to peer electronic cash system without the need for a trusted third party. The paper was published 10-31-2008, right in the middle of and presumably in response to the 2008 financial crisis. This is certainly a tough read, it is highly technical and goes into great detail about the encryption methods used to secure the network.

Bitcoin Wiki

This is like the Wikipedia for Bitcoin. You can find the answer to most questions you have about Bitcoin on this site. These articles are very detailed and often include a lot of technical information.


Tales From The Crypt

Tales From the Crypt is a great balance between entertainment and education. The topics discussed on this show help to develop better, more informed Bitcoiners. This show is determined to make its listeners more privacy conscious and financially sovereign and does a pretty great job doing so. This show can be appreciated by a wide variety of listeners and puts out a couple of episodes per week. Listeners can expect to learn about the latest happenings in Bitcoin, whether it is improvements to the protocol or putting on blast the latest scam artist.

Stephan Livera

The Stephan Livera Podcast is focused on Austrian Economics and Bitcoin's role in it. This show is certainly tailored to the intermediate or advanced Bitcoin users. Conversations become very technical and require a good deal of requisite knowledge about Bitcoin and Austrian Economics. However once you get your feet under you after you fall down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, you will hopefully come to enjoy this podcast and the technical competence it requires.


Fun With Bitcoin

This is my go to podcast for anything Lightning Network related. Possibly my favorite part of this podcast is the "Lightning Round-table" episodes, in which current and upcoming features on the Lightning Network are discussed by the developers writing the code. This podcast is very focused on on-boarding users onto the Lightning Network, offering responsible guidance on how to do so as well as support in that endeavor. In fact Coinicarus has helped me troubleshoot my node on multiple occasions. I would strongly encourage this podcast to anyone looking to run their own Lightning node.​

Bitcoin Kindergarten

This is actually a live discussion that happens each week as a voice-chat on a Discord server then recorded into a podcast. As you may have gleaned from the name it consists of elementary Bitcoin education, perfect for precoiners. The vibe of this show is very relaxed, it is all about answering newcomers questions. This is a great opportunity to ask a real person your Bitcoin questions.

Lightning Network

Helpful articles and guides on Lightning nodes.

Jameson Lopp's Lightning Information

This is actually just a link to an incredibly comprehensive list of links,  created by someone who knows a lot more than myself. You can pretty much find the answer to any Lightning Network questions you might have.

Return on Investment/Dollar Cost Averaging Calculator

ROI/DCA Calculator

This is a ROI/DCA calculator that I made for a class project. Checkout the repository on Github.